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Lots of Spoilers


Episode 2.14: Versatile Toppings
Veronica investigates when a balckmailer threatens to out gay students at Neptune unless they each pay $5000. Meanwhile, Keith learns that Terrance was at a casino on the day of the bus crash and couldn't have made the call that triggered the explosion, but Sheriff Lamb doesn't buy the alibi. Also, Dr. Griffith discovers that his daughter, Hannah, is dating Logan; and Veronica finds some shocking evidence in an airplaine hanger that could implicate someone in the bus crash.
Neptune High's closeted gay teens, including cheerleader Kylie (guest star Kristin Cavallari), turn to Veronica for help when a blackmailer cracks into a private online bulletin board and threatens to publicly out everyone associated with the site unless they pay $5,000 apiece. Backup and Mac help Veronica investigate. One of the School TV reporters outs a girl from the pepsquad, which makes her the laughing stock in the halls. There's also a pizza boy mugger. Keith is still investigating the bus crash, and he's looking for alibis at a casino.

Episode 2.15: The Quick and the Wed

Veronica searches for a friend's missing sister who disappeared shortly after attending a bachelorette party and is supposed to get married in three days; Keith tells Sheriff Lamb that Veronica found explosives in the hangar where Terrance keeps his cars; Logan is offered a plea bargain that would drastically reduce his time in prison; Kendall visits Aaron Echolls in prison and Echolls blames Lily Kane's death on Duncan. (This may be a flashback that includes Ducan thus finishing up his 12 episodes)
Rob Thomas reveals: "Wallace starts going out with this girl occasionally. I don't want to say too much on this front To say 'a girlfriend' is too much of a stretch, but a girl that Wallace has gone on a couple dates with." Is it Jackie? "No. This girl's older sister's getting married and stop one on a bachelorette scavenger hunt is to sing karaoke, some vaguely dirty karaoke song, at Java the Hut. So Veronica sees them and they're clearly partying pretty hard. And then the girl comes to Veronica the next day and says, 'My sister has disappeared. The hangar that is searched by police contained a collection of cars. Explosives were found near a Jaguar. Similiar explosives that were used before in another crime... Lamb gets a warrant to make an arrest but the person is not in his custody...
Logan is awaiting trial for the of stabbing Felix. Hannah's mother, Stephanie, is concerned when she sees footage of Logan during a news report on TV. Later in the episode, Logan and Hannah have some fun at her place. When Stephanie breaks up the fun and talks to her daughter, Logan uses this opportunity to do some snooping on the computer. Wallace is now dating Jane. Jane, her sister Heidi, and some other girls, are at Java The Hut where they take part in some karaoke and celebrate Heidi's upcoming wedding (it is the first stop of Heidi's Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt). According to Rob, Vinnie Van Lowe (the rival detective) will be back.

Episode 2.16: The Rapes of Graff

I said someone was leaving. And this person is more on the level of Jackie than Logan.(I believe that it is Hannah that is leaving because reading the sides this is the episode where Logan admits he used her to get her father to drop his testamony)
Episode 16 is titled "The Rapes of Graff" and finds Veronica tracking down a serial rapist at Hearst College — the very school she'll likely be attending next fall. Veronica does not catch the perp by the episode's conclusion also includes a funny little riff on Kristen Bell's Emmy snub last year and the departure of a recurring character.
Rob Thomas reveals: "Veronica goes on a college visit and she meets the characters played by Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat (the kids from Arrested Development). The two of them aren't actually in the same
Dick wants to party like crazy all weekend with Logan. Veronica and Wallace, amongst others, visit Hearst College. During a party, a guy named Drew flirts with Veronica. Troy Vandegraff, who supposedly has changed, comes to Veronica's rescue. Veronica will investigate a rape case that took place on campus. Brenda Calhoun, the professor that appeared in episode 10, is back. Hannah finds out why Logan really wanted to go out with her. Keith and Cliff question a woman named Sugar (whom seems to be a prostatute) about a briefcase.

Episode 2.17: Plan B

Weevil visits Molly Fitzpatrick to ask questions about Dr. Griffith. It seems Molly used to date Felix. Some 09ers laugh at a developmentally delayed student Charlie. For fun, they try to have him ask a girl that is out of his league out. Jackie and Wallace sit together and she comments on the fact he his checking a girl out. Jackie notices what his going on with the 09ers and Charlie. She decides to put a stop to this and asks Charlie out. Logan drops by Woody Goodman's office. At school, it's time for the "Spring Fling" dance. Veronica takes pictures at the event. Logan and Gia work at the entrance table. Jackie goes to the dance with Charlie; Wallace is with Jane. [Note: Charlie may have been renamed Leonard. I did notice the name had been changed on the new set of sides that went out]

Episode 2.18: I Am God (this seems like it might be a bit freaky because of some messed up dreams Veronica has)

This episode will feature flashbacks. Veronica helps with the yearbook tribute. She asks Maureen for artwork, poems, etc., made by a student named Betina.(Betina was trying to get preg by Dick) Her questionning leads the conversation to the fact that Veronica saw Betina and Dick together at a party. Maureen is certainly not a fan of Dick "Child of Satan" Casablanca and let's Veronica know. Veronica will have dreams that feature Betina and Meg (in the dream Meg's "baby" turns into a Horseshoe. Now I dont know if it means anything but I see a horseshoe as being "lucky" and later in the episode we meet a new person named Lucky who kinda spaz's out when Megs name is mentioned) amongst others. Later, Veronica and Angie are summoned to Clemmon's office. He explains that there was an error in rank calculation and that the two of them are the only ones remaining in the running for the Kane Scholarship. The error in calculation could cost Veronica the scholarship... We learn of a University that has accepted Veronica.(This would be Stanford) Keith goes on at least three blind dates. Logan, Beaver and Wallace also appear.(ahhh no Dick?)

General Season 2 spoilers:

Veronica's new love interest is someone new.
Logan will bring up Duncan's disappearance with Veronica very soon.
"You will see Aaron Echolls a few more times and I will say that we will cut into his trial
Keith and Veronica will have a conversation about the bug she planted in the Sheriff's office in a future episode.
Jackie is a series regular and is not going anywhere
Rob Thomas reveals: It's doubtful we'll see Veronica's mother. We might hear about her. We will see more of Sheriff Lamb. We will see a bit of Aaron Echolls' trial. I think there's a great chance that Mac becomes a regular.
Francis Capra (Weevil) will only appear in 12 episodes this season, down from 16 last year.
Rob Thomas reveals: You heard it hear first: Lynn Echolls is dead... and if I come up with a great storyline for Lynn Echolls in two or three season, maybe she'll come back alive... Source: Kristin on E!Online
Kyle Gallner is in 12 episodes of Veronica Mars this season.

Episode 16 Rapes of Graff

word for word from the Side that was on nowcasting

Girls in track suits leave school after the track meet. A melancholy HANNAH amoung them. She looks up and sees.....

Logan standing beside his yellow Xtera, waiting, Contrite

Hannah walks past him, forcing Logan to move quivkly to intercept her.

Logan-Your Father dropped his testimony so I'd quit seeing you.

Hannah-I figured. Did you ask me out, so he'd do it.


Pan out her melting expression.......

Plus there is this that is supposed to happen in Rapes of Graff. If you cannot see it please let me know and I will sit down and type it all out:)

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